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Brown Dog

Meet our Team

All behavior and training staff of Northwest Canine hold the Certificate in Canine Studies (CCS) awarded by the Northwest School of Canine Studies. 



"I cannot say enough about how amazing Cristine is. She took our crazy hyper nasty lab for 5 weeks and turned her into a dog that we can take out of the house, socialize, walk and love again. She not only trained her, but she educated us. There was so much we didn’t know, but thought we did. Cristine’s compassion, patience, knowledge impressed us so much! I would recommend her to anyone frustrated with their dog. She will help you fall in love and forge a whole new partnership with your pup. I would suggest everyone get her book, Good Dog 101, at the very least! So much great information! Cristine is the REAL DEAL. Thanks Cristine, we love our sweet Violet!"

Candice D. 2021

"You will be INSPIRED."

"Cristine exudes sincerity and believes in the importance of caring for the human just as much as the dog, something she demonstrates in her effortless ability to connect with people and make them feel heard. On a personal level, I have been fortunate enough to work with Cristine with my own dog and have been overwhelmed by her support and ability to approach my dog's (significant) behavioral challenges with a level of innovation and experience I have never experienced before (having worked with many well qualified trainers in the past). I truly can't say enough good things about Cristine and the course! You will be inspired, motivated, and be able to join a community of diverse individuals who care deeply."

Sophie C. 2021

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