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Compassion for people and the dogs who love them.

"She [Cristine] likes her clients, fiercely in fact, no small feat in our profession. She has the patience for people most of us have mainly for dogs." ~ Jean Donaldson, SFSPCA

In 2000 Seattle native, Cristine Dahl, set out on a mission to provide superior behavior and training resources to companion dog families in her native city.  After successively opening three training studios with overwhelming demand, it became apparent there was a shortage of the type of support she was providing. She began with opening a puppy school, followed by a full training & education studio on Seattle's Capitol Hill.

In 2007 Cristine established the Seattle School of Canine Studies (now the NWSCS)  and began to build a specialized workforce of training technicians and applied behavior experts capable of meeting the ever-evolving needs of today's human/canine relationship. This labor of love exceeded expectations and today, the school celebrates over a hundred graduates (CCS) worldwide.

Today, Northwest Canine is based in Olympia, Washington's, Capitol Forest, on five acres of dog and people-friendly property. 

"Jean Donaldson is right. I really, really, like people. But I actually love working with them." ~ Cristine

Fully licensed and insured. 

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