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Meet Cristine

Cristine Dahl is the founder of SoundPuppy (2001), Seattle Dog Training (2003), and Seattle Dogworks (2005) public training & education studios, SeattleDogs and Northwest Canine private training companies, and author of the acclaimed book, Good Dog 101 (Sasquatch/Random House, foreword by Jean Donaldson, 2007). 

​As the creator of the DogBehaviorRx (USPO Patent Pending), a revolutionary way of using the temperaments of both humans and dogs as a basis for behavior modification, Cristine has gained an international reputation as a visionary and pioneer known best for her ability to inspire and motivate change around the globe.  In 2018 she was honored as keynote speaker for APDT New Zealand.

A University of Washington and Evergreen alumnus, she earned a CTC from the San Francisco SPCA Academy as a distinguished graduate (2002). Prior to and throughout college, Cristine worked professionally with horses before dogs became her focus and passion. Over the 22 years since, she has personally worked with over 10,000 dogs and their families.

Cristine has been recognized by the American Medical Association (AMA) for her work helping doctors better understand the circumstances affecting dog bites to children and is an active participant in animal welfare efforts in the United States. Legally, Cristine is expertly qualified at the state and federal court levels with proven performance in both venues. 

In 2019 Cristine was invited to serve on the advisory board for the King County Sheriff's Office Foundation supporting the implementation of emotional support canines in the court system with special focus on juvenile processes. While running the Capitol Hill studio, she served as an academic and business mentor for the Big Picture High School and is involved in community outreach for elementary and middle school students.  Cristine's resumé includes in-house behavior writer for Seattle Dog Magazine and Seattle DogSpot, features in Sunset Magazine, Dog Fancy, Pet Connection Magazine, and Seattle Woman Magazine.

In 2007, she founded the Pacific Northwest's first state workforce and education board-licensed private/vocational school specializing in the advanced study of canine behavior, the Northwest School of Canine Studies, now celebrating 150+ graduates worldwide. 

Because of her extensive experience in traditional and progressive/animal learning theory-based training with sport, law enforcement, veteran military, and companion canines, Cristine is uniquely positioned to teach a vast landscape of contemporary methodologies. While accepting of folks from all different schools of practice, she exclusively leads Northwest Canine with LIMA (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive) guiding principles with a focus on the companion dog.

A keen business woman with a gift for working with dogs and people, she specializes in providing teams and trainers with cutting-edge, innovative, and highly effective strategies to take the human/canine relationship to the next level. Known for her provocative but compassionate teaching style, Cristine has become an industry leader in the evolution of the humane-training and behavior field.

As a speaker, she is engaging, dynamic, and highly relatable. As a teacher, she is compassionate, relevant, and inspirational.

A Seattle native, Cristine now lives in Olympia's Capitol Forest heading up her four and two-legged family.

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