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Now you can take the foundational portion of our professional CCS applied/practical certificate program, online with LIVE INSTRUCTION.



  • Private Student Membership Area

  • Corresponding Material Downloads

  • Question/Answer Sessions with Instructor

  • Groups with Chat and Share

  • Special Events, Promotions, & Discussion

  • Student Case Support

  • Shared Member Area with Professional Graduates of NWSCS

Enroll now and start in February!
Space Limited to 10 Students

NWSCS Foundational Education 


Daycare Staff  /  Public Class Instructors  /  Shelter & Rescue Staff  /  Private Trainers  /  Dog Walkers  /  Kennel & Boarding Staff  /  Veterinarians & Veterinary Staff  /  Groomers  /  Sitters  / Dog Enthusiasts

for practical application

The Northwest School of Canine Studies is proud to release the foundational portion of our professional CCS program online. Previously only available to those seeking advanced professional certification, this new program is perfect for those wishing to deepen their understanding and practice with companion dogs, prepare for the CPDT exam, or qualify for admission to the professional CCS program.  Theory-based with applied instruction. No application required.

  • Prep for the Professional CCS Program

  • Boost Behavior & Training Knowledge

  • Prep for CPDT or other Assessment

  • Earn Certificate of Completion With or Without Knowledge-Assessed

  • Class Size Limited


There are two Certificates Available Upon Completion:

The Foundations Certificate and Foundations Certificate KA (Knowledge Assessed). 


Anyone completing the 6 week course will earn the Foundations Certificate. Those with the Foundations Certificate are eligible to be assessed for KA designation. To qualify, eligible students may enroll in the Quiz/Assessment Package for $199.

(Assessment package not available for those who have not completed the foundations course.)


Rebecca Roper, President APDTNZ Says...


APDT New Zealand was extremely fortunate to have Cristine Dahl as a speaker at our annual conference in June 2018 where she debuted her Whole Dog and Leadership program [now DogBehaviorRx, USPO patent-pending]. Her ideas were thought provoking, enlightening and exceeded our expectations. Cristine provided us with new tools and strategies to help us help our clients to improve the human/dog relationship. She gently pushed us outside of our comfort zones to help us grow as trainers and as people. Cristine was an absolutely pleasure to work with and is a highly entertaining and engaging speaker. She certainly left us wanting more! We look forward to having her speak again.

Cristine Dahl is a 23-year full-time professional in training and behavior. Published author, public speaker, founder ...

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