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Woodland Path


"You may think our rates seem a bit higher than other options you may have considered, depending on location. We rarely offer discounts or sales or deals.

We are not trainers, but professional level clinical-style behavior practitioners carrying a recent CCS certificate. Our credentials, years of experience, vetting, and reputation, speak for themselves, and we insist on providing a living and decent wage for our staff reflective of their expertise and hard work.


We acknowledge this proudly to our clientele, and don't rely on outside sources to compensate our valuable Team members. We don't entertain negotiating cost, and we wouldn't dream of negotiating level of care or service. 

That means professional prices, and never reaching for clients; the right clientele find us, and we are there with consistently exemplary service for over 20 years. 

Northwest Canine is founded on old-school work ethic with new-school skills, activism, and company leadership, and we feel truly fortunate to have a stellar team like ours.

Thank you for supporting small business providing living pay for excellent work."

~Cristine Dahl

Founder (2001)/Owner, Northwest Canine

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