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  • New calendar format and tuition to accommodate students impacted by current economic climate

Early Registration Deadlines: July 19 & Aug 12, 2024

Professional Certification Program

Olympia, WA, USA

The only dog behavior professional certification program in the USA conducted entirely in person. Washington State Workforce and Education Board licensed since 2007, under RCW 28C.10. 

  • Proven performance and graduate success since 2007
  • Current methods and cutting-edge immersive learning environment
  • Focus on the human/canine relationship as a basis for successful behavior modification
  • Practical use of Satellite Approach and Leadership Program with Regard (USPO patent-pending)
  • Taught by seasoned experts with world-class performance in the professional behavior and training field.


Daycare Owner & Staff  /  Public Class Instructors  /  Shelter & Rescue Staff  /  Private Trainers  /  Dog Walkers  /  Kennel & Boarding Staff  /  Veterinarians & Veterinary Staff  /  Grooming Facility Owners  /  Sitters  / Dog Enthusiasts

Plenty of dog trainers are good with dogs, but a shockingly small number of them are successful professionally. The very things that make a person "good with dogs", can make working with people especially difficult. The NWSCS artfully delivers client-focused training & behavior behavior methods and plans within framework for applied practice."


The NWSCS remains a leader in the field of professional dog training & behavior education and certification, with a focus on the companion dog. We remain the only school of our kind operating 100% in person.

While the number of online advanced programs exploded during the pandemic, we hold steady to our heart-driven mission of producing excellent practitioners through real-life experiences, workshops, lessons, activities, and assignments.  With small classes-sizes, live instruction, competitive prerequisites, and a multi-disciplinary approach, graduates of the CCSPRO can be found practicing around the world.

Advanced Course Outline

The NWSCS CCSPRO sessions are comprised of both a lecture and practical (hands-on) component. 

The course focuses heavily on the science of canine behavior and animal learning theory. 

The CCSPRO is conducted in two formats from which students may choose: two weeks of weekday sessions, or four 2-day weekends. Each session totals 55 hours instruction. Student must attend with a dog who is able to kennel.  Additional educational opportunities may be available but are not required.

For questions about methodology, program comparisons, and other details, see


Classical and Operant Conditioning in Practical Setting

Basic review, and advanced

 Understanding and Interpreting Behavior in Practical Settings

Social and non-socia

Basic review, and advanced

 Pitbulls/Bullies/Other Breed-Specific Behavior & Solutions

Myths, truths, tendencies. Drive specifics, special needs/considerations

  Aggression Introduced and Repositioned

Temperament plus behavior


 Assessments & Intro to Satellite Program

Types of aggression by temperament

Bite evaluation, prognostics, predictions, scales

 Aggression Types Deep Dive

Social and non-social

 Mock Behavior Cases

Basic and advanced

Other Advanced Behavior

Separation anxiety, phobias, compulsions, medical causes, etc.

Classical Conditioning in Practice

D&C including static, freestyle, popular

Practical solutions, prognoses, liabilities, expectations

Counseling Practices

Intake, schedule, interview, diagnose, treat, continued care

 Leadership & Longevity

State of the field, emotional wellness, ethics



Calendar  & Tuition

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2025 CALENDAR BEING PLANNED. To share your voice to 2025 Calendar Planning,

WE WANT TO HEAR your preferences.

Early Registration, $2999

Regular Registration, $3499

* proof of prerequisite must be provided to the NWSCS office by registration date. Prerequisites remain valid for 2 years.

Facility Information

The Northwest School of Canine Studies holds classes in Olympia, WA, in our home-style free-standing dedicated classroom and 5-acre property.  For hands-on class time, attendees should be prepared to work in any kind of weather, and consider necessary personal and canine gear to do so comfortably.

Free on-street parking is available.

OUT OF TOWN STUDENTS: Should you need more information about the area or accommodations please contact us.

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