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The NWSCS currently offers a professional certificate program and a non-professional audit program. We remain the only canine behavior school in the nation operating in a full hands-on capacity; no instruction or assessment whatsoever is conducted online.


Canine Studies is the signature professional program offered by the NWSCS for which the school has become known.  Graduates enjoy careers in all areas of dog behavior and training including private practice, public classes and workshops, rescue and shelters, breeding programs, research, and multi-dog businesses such as dog daycares and camps.    


Because of the vigor of the program, certificate holders move through the current professional landscape upon graduation with the professional community’s recognition and support.    


The newly redesigned CCS PRO program has been sheared of all non-critically professional material, and delivers a hard-core theoretical and practical experience designed to immerse the dog enthusiast in canine behavior from all angles. It is specifically designed for the current professional, or those wishing to go into the field.  

Always first to market with new techniques and information, the school focuses heavily on developing practitioners’ and owners’ abilities and understanding as the foundation for improving canine behavior and the field of behavior and training.    


This revolutionary approach explores both the science and art of dog behavior modification, and shifts focus from obedience and micromanagement to trust, space, and regard. The result is whole-dog soundness anchored in lifestyle training;  that which gives rise to improved basic and advanced behavior that lasts.    

Students are required to bring their own dog (or borrowed dog) to all scheduled hands-on sessions. Non-disruptive dogs can be accommodated during lecture class with use of student-provided containment equipment.


Taught by respected author, trainer, and canine behavior expert, Cristine Dahl, and support staff.


This option is new to the NWSCS in response to popular request. Perfect for the non-pro canine aficionado, dedicated owner, daycare owner/staff, walker, beginning trainer, and so on, the CCS-Audit option is an excellent choice for those not ready for or interested in the full professional program. The difference in involvement and requirements  on this track is reflected in lower tuition cost.

Audit students enroll and attend classes with the CCS-PRO (certificate candidate) students, and enjoy the same CCS-PRO curriculum with the following differences:

  • While enrollees do still need to complete an application, there are no prerequisites, and with rare exception, all who apply are granted admission.

  • Audit students do not participate in exams, quizzes, or hands-on assessments. They do receive all other in-class hand-out materials and are invited to participate in most in-class activities. No certificate is granted for the Audit program.

  • The hands-on component of the CCS-PRO curriculum is not available to Audit students with their own dog. However, all enrolled students are welcome to attend and observe the CCS-PRO students in their hands-on sessions.

  • Both the CCS-PRO and CCS-AUDIT tracks give students an opportunity to thoroughly examine their own dog's behavior, temperament, and needs. In addition to gaining a sound foundation and understanding of the canine population at large, students learn treatment, behavior modification, and training protocols for their own dog specifically. CCS grads have found this in-depth examination and evaluation a key benefit of the course and we are very happy to now offer it outside the confines of the professional program.

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