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Meet Christi

A Texas native, Christi moved to Eastern Washington a decade ago.  Immediately diving into the world of difficult-dogs, she was amazed by the progress that could be made by setting boundaries and teaching basic commands. Thus followed years of interest in the field and self education through the internet.


Christi and her husband moved to Seattle in 2021 for a position with a busy,  high-profile animal welfare facility in the city. After six months working in rescue, she'd made the decision to embark on a career "anywhere that I could help dogs that are deemed 'difficult', dogs that many people would give up on or rehome."


That drove Christi to The Northwest School of Canine Studies professional behavioral modification course iwhich has elevated her position to Supervisor of Behavior and Training Supervisor at Emerald City Pet Rescue.


Her passion is helping dogs stay with their families, helping their owners to understand their dog in a new way and giving them the most humane tools so that they can be successful in training and behavior work. 

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