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the Lodge at DogWood

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Garden Soil

22 years in the making

Our lodging staff are qualified to an unheard-of degree in today's away care facilities:

Behaviorally, we provide an exceptional level of care with safety for dogs with reactivities, selective social styles, separation anxiety (great for during-behavior mod treatment), and other challenges.

Medically, our on-staff licensed vet tech is a primary-care provider here at the Lodge, ready to provide non-emergency care as needed/able, as well as stabilization care for more emergent situations. All of our staff hold, at minimum, a Certificate in Canine Studies from the Northwest School of Canine Studies.

A word from the owner/founder, Cristine Dahl.

"I grew up with an entrepreneurial spirit and a heart for helping. Deeply drawn to the human/canine relationship, I found it difficult to leave my own dogs when traveling. I didn't want them to be alone, or neglected, or hurt, or confused. They all have had special needs, behavioral, medical, or both. If I'm being honest, I have special needs when it comes to their care, too. 

After two decades serving the canine community of Seattle and surrounding areas, I remain stymied by the shortage of highly-qualified hosts and accommodations for special-needs dogs when their people cannot be with them.


In 2018, after serving  Seattle proper for 17 years, I realized my dream of purchasing a dog-heaven of sorts.  DogWood is our 5+ acre legacy forest property in Olympia, Washington, less than 1/2 mile from our sister property, AppleWood, with 2.5 acres of fully fenced, manicured, legacy apple land. Myself and my family reside on these incredible parcels, alongside Northwest Canine operations.

This unique piece of property is an oasis for dogs AND people, and my family, my staff, and I are humbled and grateful to share it with those needing our care."

Peaceful, safe, personal. 

Specialized lodging for dogs who need a little more expertise. 

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