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Satellite Puppy

Semi-Private Puppy School



Satellite Puppy, located in Olympia, Washington, is a revolutionary alternative to the usual public puppy classes.

We promise you've never seen anything like this before. 

After serving over 10,000 Seattle dogs and their families with unrivaled customer satisfaction, we've relocated to Washington's capital city with our unique approach to puppy education and companion family care. 

The usual obedience-style puppy school is antiquated and irrelevant.


If you're used to sit, stand, down, and heel, maybe with leash pops, pinch collars, or physical manipulation, or maybe with positive reinforcement using treats & clickers, you've probably realized how little those skills are relevant to the companion dog and real family living.  

More useful are manners and boundaries, relevancy and easy consequences. Actual lifestyle training. 


At Satellite Puppy, we cover obedience basics, but focus on attention, leash behavior, acceptable greetings, kitchen manners, room boundaries, indoor expectations, handling, recall, safety, door manners, and proper social behavior. After all, does it matter that your puppy can sit if he eats from the counter? Does it matter if he can stay if he jumps on your guests?  


Our founder is SFSPCA certified and all methods adhere to humane guidelines set forth by the AHUS, and AHA. For more about our methods, see FAQs. 

Our founder, Cristine Dahl, has 23 years experience as a well-respected leader in the canine behavior field. But, unlike so many dog trainers, she's also mom to three school-aged kids and known in the field for work with people and canines cooperatively. You'll feel cared for the minute you arrive. We wouldn't have it any other way. 

The Puppy House

Unique to Satellite Puppy is our classroom, the Puppy House. 

The Puppy House is a free-standing home-style classroom designed with individual stations for each puppy and his/her family. Equipped with real furniture, a kitchen, bathroom and simulated living spaces, behavior training starts the moment your paws hit the property. 

Students are individually ushered into our routine on the first visit, for good manners right from the door. Depending on skill and weather, we'll venture onto the main 5.5 acre property and surrounding land. 


Puppies may begin classes at any age between

8 and 14 weeks.

Classes are rolling, with enrollment limited to no more than 6 puppies per class. Attendance is 75 minutes once a week for 6 weeks.

INCLUDED: Weekly scheduled playgroups (optional). 

AVAILABLEPlaygroups outside of regularly scheduled sessions may be arranged. 

You'll learn:

  • Settle on Mat

  • Kennel-Up

  • Wait and Release

  • Boundary (movable)

  • Polite People Greeting 

  • Leash Behavior & Handling

  • Door/Threshold Manners & Safety

  • Recall (formal & informal)

  • Relevancy and Natural Consequences

  • Kitchen/Dining Behavior

  • Each session includes developmentally-relevant supplemental information on topics including:

    • potty training​

    • mouthing and jaw prudence

    • aggression and anxiety prophylaxis

    • social behavior and needs (to dog park, daycare, or not?)

2023 FULL
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