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Reactivity Rehab


Session I: Assessment & Foundational Skills (Humans Only)

  • Each dog will receive a Personalized Satellite Temperament Assessment (Pat. Pend.), and individually tailored rehabilitation plan.

  • In addition to reactivity-specific assessment and instruction, attendees also receive an individualized behavior wellness plan to guide canine and human family members as reactivity is being remedied.

  • This session includes an intensive hands-on workshop for owners with specialized line-handling, body positioning, and technique instruction.

  • Duration: 3 hrs.


Session II: Hands-on Reactivity Coaching (with Your Dog)

Owners and dogs will be coached through a semi-private (limited to 2) appointment with Satellite Behavior owner and staff. Duration: 60-90min.


You’ll see:

  • Noticeable improvement in reactivity

  • How skills learned in Session I are used with your individual dog

  • How your dog’s unique and multi-dimensional “triggers” can be harnessed for continued rehabilitation

You’ll receive:

  • A real-time snapshot of your dog’s reactivity status by the end of Session II

  • Assessment and recommended next steps to continue rehabilitation

  • Access to additional hands-on sessions with staff if needed (as available)

Please register for the Session I date you prefer. This will trigger a link to become available on the confirmation page and via confirmation email, through which you may schedule your Session II date. COST: $399

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