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Satellite Puppy

Each registration includes:

  • O nce-weekly in-person hands-on semi-private class with Satellite Puppy owner and director, Cristine Dahl, and staff. 75 minutes.

  • Once-weekly drop-in video call with your instructor, to address questions that come up between classes. ​

  • All puppies enrolled in Satellite Puppy lessons are eligible to participate in optional play groups organized by staff, (additional cost). 

How it Works

1. Based on your puppy's age, find the start date that works best for your schedule. 

2. Click through the schedule and register online. 

3. A week prior to your class start date, you will receive an email confirmation including the following:

  • A link to a welcome video from your instructor with first-day directions and instructions. 

    • This welcome video covers important classroom instructions to make sure each puppy gets individualized attention and tailored coaching, unique to his/her own developmental and learning needs and abilities. 

  • A list of LIVE coaching session days and times you may log into as convenient and needed throughout the duration of enrollment, once weekly. 

GERM-GUIDANCE: Puppies must abstain from participating in dog parks and daycare/group play settings outside of Satellite Puppy events for duration of enrollment. More information on this may be viewed in our FAQ's. 

8-12 weeks at first class (click schedule to register)

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12-14 weeks at first class (click schedule to register)

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