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Meet Charlotte

Charlotte grew up in north Seattle. She spent her summers exploring the parks, beaches, and neighborhoods constantly showing up at home with “stray dogs” where her mom would find herself returning these “stray dogs” to the address listed on the tags. To say she loves dogs is an understatement. She developed her compassionate and caring mission for the well being of dogs almost immediately as a toddler. Once she reached elementary school and learned to identify dog tags and learned about the purpose of the dog collar, her rescue missions slowed a bit and took a new direction and she developed a strong interest in training her own puppies.


Charlotte’s mom recognized her gifts for working with dogs and provided her with handful of books on the subject. It was a nice arrangement because while Charlotte was busy training the family puppies, everyone else was free to enjoy the process and reap the benefits. By the time Charlotte reached college age she had successfully trained eight family dogs, and a few cats.


As a member of a family of medical professionals she followed in her mothers footsteps. Charlotte is a graduate of Washington State University. She spent over 20 years in acute care medicine as a Clinical Nutritionist in many roles over her career, from direct patient care, clinical management, to educator. These are just a few of her accomplishments yet all the while she continued to work with dogs and their families during her off hours.


She changed course in 2009 and embarked upon a new journey never looking back. Charlotte successfully started a dog walking sitting service in north Seattle. She especially enjoys witnessing the love between her clients and their dogs. Charlotte thrives on helping to build those relationships through coaching, and support for the humans and nurturing the dogs. There is nothing more fulfilling than helping to build those lasting lifelong relationships between the humans and their canine companions.


Her home is somewhat of an urban farm, as she shares it with her three dogs, three chickens and her husband. All of which are often in training, especially her husband. It is not unusual for Charlotte to return home to a mystery dog in her yard along with a note “Charlotte can you help get this dog home?”…She no longer has to bring the “strays” home, as her neighbors now provide that service.

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